My name is Polina Gortman and I am an illustrator living and working in Seattle, Washington.

I was raised in Siberia by my grandmother, and spent my childhood feeding burdock leaves to cows and making up stories about precarious adventures of toys lost in a vegetable garden. When creating characters, I draw inspiration from old fairy tales, wildlife, nature, and everyday playground shenanigans. I also enjoy picking apart stalagmites of picture books that grow in random locations at my house, board games and stargazing.  

I’m an active member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Western Washington and a local author-illustrator critique group "The Broad Strokes".

My second picture book, “Randall & Randall“ written by Nadine Poper and published by Blue Whale Press will be out in Fall, 2019!

To see what I'm up to right now, follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Recent illustration clients

  • Blue Whale Press

  • Wiggling Pen Publishing