My own Inktober project - My One And Only Planet

This year I will be doing my own Inktober project this year about small things everyone can to help our planet cool down and be less polluted. I would be glad if some of you joined me!

Inktober is an art challenge when you have to draw one picture in ink for every day of October. The mastermind behind it is Jake Parker, who ran his first Inktober in 2009. He publishes official prompts for Inktober on his Instagram and Twitter pages. I will be using my own prompts this year, but you can follow official prompts or do your own thing. It doesn't have to be big - sketches and doodles count as well. Inktober is really good to get into habit of drawing everyday... And it's fun!

Here are my prompts:


You can view my Inktober pictures in this gallery.